How far in advance should I place a large order?

If you know in advance what punch you would like it is best to order 5-7 days early because sometimes I may have the punch you want but not enough to fill your order and I do not do same day orders because all Tee's Punchses take a minimum of 3 days to mature before sold. 

Do you do pull-ups?

Yes if you are already having an event or just hanging with friends and would like me to come with my drinks all you have to do is give me a call or text and be willing to pay my travel fee of $20 or prepay for a minimum of 4 punches. 

Do you put or use fruit in you Punches?

Unfortunately, I do not normally use fruits in my punches because it effects the shelf life  but for events and special orders if the customer request fruit I will gladly add it for an additional fee.