About Artina “Tee” 

CEO of TeesPunch 

For along time I always loved mixing and creating new flavors and colors. I used to mix up punches and drinks for my family and friends when we would have events or when I would throw a event. I just always had a passion for it and i was always looking up recipes and watching videos. Then one day my aunt said these are BOMB you should be selling them. So, first I looked at a lot of youtube bartending videos and then took a online bartender class and then later I took a in person bartender class which included shadowing and a lot more practice. In November 2017 i JUMPED and  I launched #Teespunch #Mobilebartenderservices  custom adult punches! I decided to that rather i stayed local or #Teespunch spread i wanted to share my mixes and learn as much as i could about the world of bartending. Now I’m sharing my love for mixing with everyone. I enjoy making custom drinks for my customers that they fall in love with. My customers make #Teespunch possible!

So thank you all for  the LOVE & SUPPORT and to all my new customers i hope you find the punch that gets you #addicted to #Teespunch


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